I have never understood violence and judging. In the broadest sense of the words. I grew up in a tiny village in the South of Holland and I strongly remember the racism I came across. I was shocked that people could judge others on something like race or color. We are all human beings, aren’t we?


I have traveled the world and I got the chance to meet so many different people. I just love to observe human beings and their behavior. And listen to their stories. There are so many stories in the world that want to be told. By listening to all these stories and having seen and felt all the twinkles, tears and fears I learned that it is not our story that determines who we are. If you see, hear and feel behind words, you will find the only universal truth: we are all one. And that is exactly the place I want the world to be. A world where everyone can come home.


My strength lies in my purity, intuition and creativity. I combine these in my work to connect with the people I work with and for. Sometimes I use silence, sometimes I use touch, sometimes a little verbal encouragement and always a mirror.

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